Destinations close to the complex:



1. National Museum of Vasil Levski

In it you can see the house of the Apostle of Freedom, there on July 18, 1837 was born Vasil Ivanov Kounchev -Levski . It was opened as a museum in 1937 Today, visitors to the National Museum in addition to his native home of the Apostle may consider :

exhibition hall of the museum , which shows the materials devoted to such Vasil Levski , his life and his role in the national liberation struggle

Chardaklieva house souvenir stand

Memorial chapel that holds the bones of the Apostle.

Opening hours - daily from 8.30 to 13.00 . and from 14.00 to 17.00.

Address: Karlovo , ul.Gen . Kartsov 57

Phone: +359335 934 89

2 . historical Museum

The exhibition is located 800 square meters, which presents two departments - Vazrazhdane.Sgradata ethnography and the museum is one of the most impressive architectural and historical monuments of the Renaissance - from the Men's School in 1871 are very attractive set mummers costumes associated with traditional carnivals and games in Karlovo .

Opening hours - daily from 8.00 to 12.00 . and from 13.00 to 17.00.

Address: Karlovo , str Renaissance 4

Phone: +359335 947 28

In advance Complex Yaev can provide for our guests Mummer carnival.

3 . churches

St. Mary's Church and the Church of St. Nicholas in the church of St. Nicholas for the first time to celebrate Day of Slavonic Alphabet 1858 gv churchyard contains the grave of the mother of Vasil Levski - Gina Kuncheva . Both churches were built by Charles and Bratzigovo masters and icons are the work of famous artists - Stanislav Dospevski and Ivan Zograph .

4 . Walk to the Waterfall and National Park

Conditions in the area are beautiful scenery, lush forest , murmur of the waterfall and the opportunity to organize a picnic. The majority of the park is covered with beech , spruce , fir, hornbeam and oak . Necessary equipment - comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing for the season .


1. Upload a lift to Mountain Ave .

Starting point of the lift is Sopot . The chalet is part of the Central Balkan National Park at an altitude of 1650 meters . The hut can be reached by trail from the town of Sopot for 3 hours or a chair lift "Sky Lift", one of the longest in the Balkans with length 5000 m . two lines. It climbs to 1,750 meters . altitude for 35min .

You can make a reservation and receive a price quote on: +359 893 542 204

2 . Center for Extreme sportove Shambhala

Situated at the foot of the lift "Sky Lift" - offered activities in the Adventure altitude city , paragliding , mountain biking, zorbing , mountain board .

Contact info :+03134 30 77


Kalofer is located 17 km. East of Karlovo.Gradat is located 625 meters above sea level and has an area of 134 ha.

1. National Museum Hristo Botev

The museum was built on the place where the last house of Botev family. It is situated in a park Botev garden, created in 1926 , includes the following items :

memorial house

exhibition hall of his

Botev monument in 1930 and a monument of Hristo Botev's mother

Hours: Every day from 8.00 to 12.30 . and from 13.30 to 17.30 .

Address: Kalofer , Hristo Botev St 5 Phone: +359 3133 24 07

2 . churches

St. Mary's Church , Church of St. Michael the Archangel Church St. Athanasius St. Bogoriditsa is located in the city center, to the right of the monument of Hristo BotevPametnik of Culture 1964 Sv.Arhangel Michail is located on the left bank of p . Tundzha.Tazi church is shown as a business card of Bulgaria mezhdunaradni in several publications. St.Atanas is the only church located on the right bank of the river Tunja , a separate tower - belfry east of it.

3 . Ecopath White River

About 8 km . Northwest of Kalofer in the " White River" near Kalofer monastery on the territory of National park "Central Balkan" is eco -trail " White River" . The trail is part of the "White River " including more camp "White River " and Children's Center for survival in nature "Djendema ." For this purpose built eight bridges in the most attractive part of the river gorge and 7 modules relate to wildlife in the park. What awaits you there is no way to tell why it is best to plan your visit to this wonderful place and see it for myself. When passing along the path need to know some basic things related to your safety and conduct of the National Park "Central Balkan" , so before you go read the signs at the entrance of the facility. To the eco - trail on a dirt mountain road that runs from the northwest end of the town and leads to Kalofer monastery behind which about 200m . is the entrance to the National Park and of the " White River" . For more information: information available on its center Kalofer

Opening hours - daily from 9.00 to 17.30 .

Address: Kalofer left of the museum Hristo Botev Phone: +359 3133 59 88